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Are you ready to scale your impact?

What we are looking for

100x is looking for the next generation of social unicorns - organisations affecting positive change on the scale of billions. We are looking for radical thinkers, the visionaries and the entrepreneurs who crave a new, better world.


We do not fund

  • Ideas or pre-pilot stage ventures
  • Ventures that do not plan to scale their impact to achieve their mission
  • Projects housed within an established, mature ventures (unless there is a plan to spin out)
  • Government bodies, network bodies, grant-making foundations, financing intermediaries (unless direct end users), or similar entities

Selection Criteria

100x is looking for the next generation of social unicorns - organisations affecting positive change on the scale of billions. Our selection process is rooted in a holistic evaluation of both the people and the model. Here are the key criteria we consider:

Outstanding Leadership

We want to back social entrepreneurs who demonstrate grit, potential for growth and ambition for the future

Addressable Impact

Identified and evidenced impact opportunity that is sizeable and can create system-level change

Established proof-of concept

Developed and delivered a model with evidence to suggest it is the ‘right solution'

High Velocity of Change

Growing traction and there is a sense of solution being on the precipice for explosive growth

Distinctiveness of Solution

A quality or feature that is impressive, rare and novel

Cohort Fit

Alignment with our programme offerings, cohesiveness across the portfolio, and willingness to be an ambassador for 100x

Through these criteria, we aim to select ventures that not only have innovative solutions but also leaders deeply committed to driving positive social and environmental change. We value proximity to communities, inclusive approaches, and the capacity to affect systematic transformation.

Not required

  • We aim to have 70% of our portfolio to come from emerging markets and value applications where founders and/or senior team members be based in the region the organisation operates in
  • We want to back organisations that are female-led, have considered gender in their product or service designs, and reflect a global market of leaders

What to expect

Online application and review

Our Round 1 application window for each cohort is usually open for 8-10 weeks.

After each application is received, it is carefully reviewed by our team. Based on our appraisal, we select up to 50 teams to move to an initial interview. Those not invited will receive an email around 6-8 weeks after the application deadline to bring the process to a close.

Initial interview

Within a month or two of the application deadline, interviews are arranged via email. This is usually a short online conversation (20-30 minutes) with the founders/senior leaders of the venture to understand more about you as individuals, your solution and your plans for the future.

Round 2 selection and detailed due diligence

At this point, each of the team will need to decide whether they want to increase the amount of time and resource dedicated to the application process significantly.

Based on the initial application and interview conversations, teams will be selected to move forward into Round 2 of the application process, where a more detailed question form will need to be completed. The timeframe for this is usually a month.

We review the responses diligently and hold more in-depth conversations with teams (alongside our due diligence partner) should we have more queries about your application. This usually takes 2-3 hours of online conversation with follow up supply on specific areas we need to further our understanding in.

Cohort selection

We have an independent selection committee that reviews and makes the ultimate selection decision for each cohort. The outcome will be communicated to you 1-2 months after due diligence closes.

If your application is unsuccessful for the cohort, we will provide feedback and reasons for the decision taken. You will not be precluded from applying to future cohorts.

Programme starting

You will be connected to our Programme team if invited to join our cohort who will onboard you to the programme that usually starts 2-3 months after cohort announcement. This will allow time for you to plan and complete logistical details as the first week of programme is usually held in-person at the London School of Economics (where our office is based).

Finally, check out ‘what we offer’ to learn more about the funding and programme arrangements!

Frequently asked questions

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