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Equitable Economies

How can cities tackle the issue of wealth and race segregation?

What impact is your venture driving in Equitable Economies?

We believe that radical thinkers are the key to replacing broken economic models. At 100x, we’re searching for social ventures who are proving that fair and inclusive economic systems are not only possible, but scalable.


“If you’ve got… a dedicated team, and you're solving a real problem, for real people, investors will find you. Don’t build your enterprise for investors, build it for the people you're trying to impact.”

Saul Klein

Managing Partner
Phoenix Court

How we do it

Helping radical thinkers everywhere define how to deliver the most impact at scale with world class research in a world class accelerator. To bring your ideas, models, and knowledge to life through government adoption, open source models, or by becoming self-sustaining. And standing shoulder to shoulder with a new generation of social unicorns.

World-class insights
World-class accelerator

Exceptional evidence-based research and access to policy makers mean social enterprises can drive real, impactful change at scale.

Catalytic capital, global connections and dedicated support to take social ventures further than ever before.

What we offer


in catalytic capital

12 Weeks

Impact Accelerator Programme


support and bespoke mentors


of like-minded social entrepreneurs

Summit Day

celebrating and connecting ventures

Alumni Membership

long-term access to our community

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What impact is your venture driving in Equitable Economies?

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