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Are you on the cusp of scaling a radical solution to a social problem?

Finding solutions for social problems can feel like an uphill struggle. It means working harder and championing impact over profit in the world’s most challenging markets.

That’s why we made 100x. A place to level mountains. And for the world’s most promising ventures to come together and change more, together.

Entrepreneurs will be offered £150,000 of catalytic capital, world-class resources, door-opening connections and 12 weeks of programming to catapult their social venture into the future.


We're looking for:

  • The radical thinkers
  • The visionaries
  • The entrepreneurs

Who see a new world, a better world.

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How we do it

We start by asking: ‘What’s the best way to scale your impact?’. This invites social ventures to rethink the norm and step into a new mindset. At 100x, we focus on something called ‘Endgame Theory’. Rather than repeatedly raising capital to grow your business, we help you figure out the best endgames or models for scaling. These are things like partnerships, government adoption, digitisation, and open source solutions. We combine these endgames with entrepreneurial action to evolve your venture and skyrocket your impact.

World-class insights
World-class accelerator

Driving real, impactful change – at scale, via:

  • Access to LSE’s evidence-based data
  • Connections with policymakers
  • In-person convening opportunities
  • Sharing of insights with the global research community
  • Taking social ventures to the next level, via:

  • £150,000 in catalytic capital per venture
  • Connections to international philanthropists & business leaders
  • Bespoke support from experienced mentors
  • Access to like-minded peers
  • Expert advisors and mentors

    From leaders of the world’s largest NGOs to ministers of innovation to social unicorn founders, we’re building a community of world-class mentors committed to social change.


    Leslie Labruto

    Founding Director
    100x Impact Accelerator


    Stephan Chambers

    The Marshall Institute


    Saul Klein

    Managing Partner
    Phoenix Court


    100x holds two programmes per year. Applications for the third cohort are now open.

    1. 1

      Dec 2023

      Cohort 2:
      Successful applications announced

    2. 2

      Dec 2023 - Jan 2024

      Cohort 3:
      Application window open
      Deadline: 29 January

    3. 3

      April 2024

      Cohort 2:
      12-week programme

    4. 4

      July 2024

      Cohort 3:
      Successful applications announced

    5. 5

      Sep 2024

      Cohort 3:
      12-week programme

    6. 6

      Nov 2024

      Cohort 2 and 3:
      Summit Day

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