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Transforming schools to make learning engaging and effective for underserved children in Pakistan



Children reached with gamified assessments and animated educational content


Of parents report improvement in their children’s learning


Of teachers report improvement in their quality of life and in classroom engagement

Taleemabad children learning at school in Pakistan

The problem

Millions of underserved children face significant barriers to obtaining a quality education and struggle to acquire essential skills. Despite completing primary school, a staggering 70 per cent of these children lack proficiency in reading, severely limiting their potential for personal and socioeconomic growth. Almost 60 million children are denied access to education altogether (UNESCO, 2019), perpetuating a vicious cycle of poverty. Even for those who are lucky enough to attain and complete an education, the lack of employment opportunities still stands in their way of achieving a better life.

The solution

Taleemabad addresses these challenges by Transforming schools to make learning engaging and effective for underserved children. Through a franchise model, the organisation empowers entrepreneurs to establish and operate low-fee private schools that leverage technology-driven teaching methods. Educated women in the community, who may otherwise face limited employment opportunities, gain access to training and certification through a mobile app that helps them enter the teaching profession. Once trained, these teachers utilise Taleemabad's platform, which provides teaching guides, scaffolded content, and assessment tools, making teaching less stressful and more effective. The platform also enables school entrepreneurs to monitor teachers' and students' performance and allows children to continue learning at home.

The insight

Taleemabad’s digital platform, which enables entrepreneurs to establish effective low-fee private schools, has been implemented in 170 schools. Their mobile app, featuring gamified assessments and animated educational content, has already reached 1.6 million users. Feedback from parents indicates that 87 per cent of them have noticed tangible learning gains for their children. Evidence also shows that students using Taleemabad's platform outperform their peers in numeracy and literacy by 50 per cent. The organisation is now poised to launch its innovation in 310 public schools through a partnership with the government in Pakistan.