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A visionary non-profit dedicated to institutionalising programs that improve the quality of education and well-being for children in India.



Vulnerable children reached


Teachers capacitated to effectively practice and deliver Social Emotional Learning


Public schools in India where Social Emotional Learning is being delivered

School children smiling in India

The problem

In India, there are 190 million children of ages 5-15 enrolled in public schools. Most of these children live in households on less than $2 a day. They live with the impacts of multidimensional poverty with no access to the necessary skills that can empower them to cope with these challenges. This affects their ability to become effective learners, and has a negative impact on their resilience, relationships, mental and emotional state, overall productivity and life choices.

The solution

Labhya partners with Indian state governments to create and implement a state-wide daily Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and wellbeing class that is integrated into the school day. All components of the programme are culturally sensitive and socio-economically contextual to the children’s realities. Presently, Labhya's programs impact 2.4 million students across three states, with a vision to impact over 30 million students nationwide by 2030.

The insight

Labhya's daily Social Emotional Learning (SEL) class reaches 2.4 million children across 22,000 public schools. Through the organisation's externally validated programs, children have made significant strides in their academic performance, attendance, and social-emotional skills.